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What does the <COMPATABILITY> tag do?


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I have a config file for AA and there is one line that says <COMPATIBILITY>28</COMPATIBILITY>. What does this do? Is there a reference somewhere that lists all available <tags> and their use?


I have log extensions and PB enabled in my config. However, when I import the config I still have to go back and place a checkmark next to each. Log extensions already has "log,txt", but I have to check "Enable Logviewer". For PB I have to check "Enable for Admins" "Enable for Users". Are there some lines I can add to the config so I don't have to worry about forgetting to check those.


I know once you save it's set, but I'm referring to adding a line to any future configs I create and then import.

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Compatibility is for the game compatibility which adds certain features to certain games. Such as rcon, and /or query screen under the status page for that game in the panel.


You can set compatibility for games in System Settings>Plugin Manager>Game Compatibility

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Once the config is set and you setup a game using it then it will use that config.


If you change the config it will not go back and apply changes to any servers allready setup. You would need to do that manually and then save it again.


As far as the checkmarks I have no idea why the config would nto save them. I do not see that problem importing configs into our demo panel.


You should only need to import a config once. Make the changes you need and that is it.


Why are you importing a config multiple times?

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