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TCAdmin with Linux


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I have a few simple question.


I know TCAdmin core will have to run on Windows, however, can I run my TeamSpeak servers on linux somehow and have them controlled by TCAdmin?


And how bout games that run on linux, can I run them on linux, and still have TCAdmin be able to run/control them?


How does the master/remote server work? I think I've got myself confused about it reading forum posts...

What I understand right now is...

The Master is the head honcho, the "Zeus" of my TCAdmin "network"

The slaves are the boxes that run the games? So how are people running TeamSpeak on linux if the slaves must also run Windows?



Sorry if I wasn't clear.

I'm very interested in TCAdmin, I just need to get a few things cleared up.



Jonathan Wright

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TCAdmin uses Teamspeaks internal telnet capabilities to control the virtual servers. So it does not matter if Teamspeak is run on linux or windows since TCAdmin does not communicate with it directly as it does with game servers.


You cannot run games on linux with TCAdmin. It is a windows only product. Regardless of any posts you have seen here in the past, we now only offer a windows version.


As for you question about the master, your right on the money with your statement above. The master houses the webpages and database. It is the brains of the outfit.

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One question I just caught that didn't get answered.


The slave servers...how do I have a Linux slave to run TeamSpeak on if I can run TeamSpeak on linux with TCAdmin, yet the slaves run Windows? Still just a tad bit lost there...that's all though.

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Every server that you install TCAdmin to, whether master or remote needs to be windows.


Teamspeak is the ONLY thing that you can run on linux with our software since it does not require the tcadmin software to be running on it since TCAdmin communicates with the servers via telnet not the standard way.


To answer you question. TCAdmin is a windows only product. You will not be able to run any linux based games with it. If you are looking for a linux based game control then you will need to find something else.

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