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Tcadmin - DOS - failure

Todd Holley

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I don't know if it is just a problem with my tca or what, but if someone refreshes the page over and over again about 10 times or more. TCA goes phsycho and stops working. It won't let you login and users that are already logged in can not view anything other than my banner. I understand most users won't be refreshing the page that fast or launch a DOS attack on my server, but I was just wondering if there was any way to stop / prevent this? I know you can limit how many packets are sent per second with linux, but I don't know how to control that with Windows.


Any Ideas? :confused:


Note That this is only fixable with a server restart



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It is IIS. There is some form of protection that IIS has that shuts down the worker process if it is accessed so many time in a certain timeframe. I don't recall the specifics off hand.


You should be able to restart IIS to clear the problem.

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