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How many slots?


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I don't know if any one here remembers the first steam-servers.com but I am good friends with the owner. And he said that he went by slots instead of servers.

I am looking at this:

Single Processor Dual Core Opteron 1216 - 2.40GHz - 2 x 1MB cache

1x250gb SATA

2 GB 667 ecc ram

100 mbps

windows standard 64 bit

mcafee total protection

total : 198 per month

now my question is will this perfom better than a xeon 3050 dual core? And will 32 bit perform better than the 64 bit?

And howmany slots can i get on here.

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1) How many slots is dependent on the game you host, type of game and are their any mods.




CSS 33 tickrate takes up little to no CPU but a CSS 100 tickrate takes up more


A BF2 conquest server takes up less resources than a BF2 coop server


A BF2142 conquest takes up less resources than a BF2142 titan server.




Post what games you are thinking about hosting and you would get a more accurate number.


2) Personally I don't know of any performance benefit the 64 bit operating system offers other than the amount of RAM you can put in the server. I may be wrong but that is my impression of 64bit vs 32bit OS.


3) The Core 2 processors are beasts and would think they would beat a 2.4 Ghz Opteron but I can't say for certain. I have two 2.4Ghz Conroe servers and they eat anything you throw at them.

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Hi Brandon,


I notice from your other posts you are planning single server with master running on it, and my guess would be your website as well. These are going to drastically eat into the server. That will leave you only able to run 30 or so slots and even there, there may be performance issues on the game servers any time the websites get much of any traffic.

If you are going to go with single server you should look at not running web on it. IE get the web hosted TCAdmin and get a small web hosting account elsewhere for your site, because running web and game servers together will not work very well.

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