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Installing TcAdmin


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hey all i was wondering iam not stupid but i really dont want to muck with installing this myself does Tcadmin offer installation


i have 2 dedicated servers 1 with about 12 CSS running on it and the other 5


what licence do i need


My Servers are Windows 2003


My website is linux how can i get it to point to




or what ever i want to have


do i ned to have my website on windows or what ?


can someone let me know what i need and how much you would charge to set it all up even if its not a employee of tcadmin as long as the person has did it b4 and really knows what they are doing


thanks in advance for any replys

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If you have two servers you will need:


1 Master License $15.95/month

1 Remote Server License $15.95/month


Installation is very easy, the welcome email gives you links to movie files which walk you through the install.


TCAdmin needs to be installed to a dedicated server, it cannot be installed to a hosting account.


If you want to access your panel through a URl, you would need to create an "A" record and point it to the IP of your TCAdmin panel.

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i have a reseller webhosting account i really aint that fussed with trying to install all of it and configure it


id rather spend the money for you guys to install it for me if that can be done let me know


also its the hosting area that gets me like i, i dont get it iam new to websites and this stuff but i do know how to runn css servers


i presently use Firedaemon but i want alittle more for the few customers i have this is just a hobby for me,



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yah i understand that but would you be able to set it up so it points to a URL ? and not the ip


like mydomain/gcp or what ever?


i mean i prolly could install it but the way i look at it is that you guys no xactly what to do


and how much it it for you to install it

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No we cannot, that needs to be done form your side in the DNS manager for your domain.


We do not charge to install the TCAdmin software itself. But we ask that you at least give it a try. The movie files walk you right through it.

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Correct. One machine would require 1 Master license.


However keep in mind this isn't point and click software. It requires configuration. if you are looking for something that you install and click a button and the install is doen, then don't use it.

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I can not get my tcadmin installed on my server. II get no errors in console but the IIS link and port do not work! I get an error stating "Service Unavailable" and obviously takes me to:


"Hello TCAdmin user,


I bet you are trying to access your control panel. I am sorry to say this is not your control panel...."


I underastand that is not my link but atleast it shows i have it somewhat installed. Any help would be great colocrossing who is by far the worst host ever wants 150 to install it for me.


It is set to port 97 cuz it isays 80 and 81 are in use.


so ????/ i also own cynergy-servers.com and cynergyservers.com and i have domain forwarding so i can move forward the domains to w.e but i just need help!!!

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