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Steadfast Sunday 7/8


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Steadfast got hit with a DoS attack tonight and just about blocked my server out due to the bandwidth loss. They said they are aware of it and it was going through AT&T and they were working on blocking it.


Just a heads up to any other Steadfast customers.

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1.5Gbit is really nothing.


I've seen carriers get hit with 15 times that and not flinch.


That's very true.. but Steadfast, as most dedicated providers, are unfortunately beneath the capacity of a major NSP. :)


It's actually amusing since Karl was bashing softlayer on WHT and making statements about SF NEVER having those kind of problems..


Welcome to the world of big time hosting Karl where you measure your worth in floor space not racks..


Yep, it happens to the best of us.


Actually Karl did just expand some nice real estate up at Cermak from their first cage at 2k sq. feet. Not a big chunk of floor, but floor nonetheless. :)

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If you can't take 1.5Gbit you shouldn't be in the business of renting IP transit.


Well I would agree, though that does knock out about 95% of the market. ;)


It actually looks like AT&T were the ones getting hit with the attack, who as I'm sure you already know is one of the largest Tier 1's. You've gotta love when all of those Comcast customers start calling in because they still won't peer with freaking anyone else. Boooo.

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