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Error with automated game setup

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When trying to automatically create a game server via whmcs, all the information is sent and tcadmin accepts it, but puts the order in Pending Auto Setups. But when I select Process, I get this error:


Error: There are no locations configured with the files for this game. Please contact your game server provider with this error message.


However, the game server files are there. If I manually create a game server it works fine. Anyone have any ideas?

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Guest jardin_101

Really just doesnt work for me, even with Datacenter ID, symbiote have you got msn. Possibly if you could send me some screenshots of the Setup config you made in whmcs.


Cheers, Jardin

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I also have this error. Im currently using modernbill and although it lacks in so many other ways the API and functions possible are miles ahead of WHMCS.


I'm talking to WHMCS at the moment but they seem totally clueless about TCA and even the most basic of functions arnt supported such as making a voice server as well as a game server at the same time. It took the best part of 20 replies to get that out of them!


Im not holding out much hope for this. Its a real shame because the rest is great.

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It looks like a few of you are a step ahead of me....


Iv'e now got past the dreaded Curl error and am getting the message that WHMCS hs activated or set up the account...... But there is nothing in TCA what so ever....


Strange thing is, when looking at the server set-up screen, it actually shows the number of accounts that its set-up (allegedly).


Our firewall shows that the connection is being made between WHM & TCA, but TCA just doesnt appear to be doing anything.


Im guessing that its TCA which is not actioning it, but think it may be due to the settings in WHM.


Man I just keep going round n round....


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as my boss wants me to have this cracked before eop today!!!!!!!!.

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