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Verizon fiber service


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I tried it a while back rich here in connecticut, and to be frank, the $69.99 I was paying here in CT (Web prices didn't apply for me for some reason) I achieved about 1600KB/sec download and about 250KB/sec upload.


I achieve about 900KB/sec down and 300KB/sec up with my 19.99 comcast plan. Cant see justifying that difference in price personally. :)

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When I had comcast my service was down for periods greater than 30 minutes almost twice a week.


I've got the 15/2 FiOS plan since January, and haven't had a single outage.


Nor do my speeds fluctuate. I get download and upload speeds consistently faster than my advertised tier.


If you've got the opportunity for it, let it rip, I couldn't be happier.

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Not to bring up an old post, but I just upgraded to 15/15 on my FiOS.... sure cuts down on the FTP times :)



But with these speeds, it could hurt us all as people would not need to rent from a GSP when they have enough BW to host a game server from home......

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Maybe someday it could hurt but in the mean time there are ALOT of areas FIOS isnt available. ;)


That is what I meant. At some point in time others will also be providing the same type of service. But I do not see that happening for a few years. Look how many areas still are only able to use dial-up. :)


I was paying $44.95 for 15/2 and saw they had this 15/15 for $64.95 and for $20 mote the increase in upload was worth it. The next plan is 30/15 for $139 which I can not justify. Overall tho, a hell of a lot better then it was at $24.95 for 14.4 dial up service not that many years ago.

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It's always been so acceptable for a local ISP to oversell their capacity like nobody's business- but if you can push 1/4 of that on the segment they put you on without dropping packets while you game, it sounds like it's worth it. We've got 10Mbps down on Insight here, and on a good day from a good source 6-7Mbps downstream is realistic (though during peak hours it's more like 1-2Mbps).


Let us know how it turns up if you go for it. :)

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