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steam update problem


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I was looking for an appropriate thread to put this rather than make a new thread, yet still, some people might consider it to be separate. In any case, I think what I'll mention here is for it to be added to the Knowledgbase Topic


HLDSUPDATE Tool Not Working


This is for when TCadmin is setup by default using port 80. The article describes the other steps needed to be done in order for the tool to work when executed for a Game Service.


If you desire your firewall to be ON for this, you must also EXCEPT port 81 and 82. Really only need 81 though. This is specifically for that extra window that TCAdmin launches when executing HLDSUPDATETOOL.


TCadmin on its own launches the window from (default port+1).


When people get the Timeout, it's b/c the port is blocked. When the firewall is Turned Off, you get the picture. :D I don't prefer to have the firewall OFF. :~


Hope this is helpful

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Guest louise

simple add hldsupdatetool.exe to your exception list in windows firewall

you should of installed this program in your tcadmin monitor folder

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You make a good point that I did not bring up AND is not in that link.


However, I did have the correct hldsupdatetool.exe in the monitor tool and have it added to the Exceptions list and it didn't resolve the situation.


I'm all for simple. If there is further explanation, then please provide. I was only trying to improve the knowledge base, which seemed to lack that small tidbit of information. I expect that most here that do webhosting already know this or have it covered in their setup, and for some this is not that obvious.

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It's default. No changes were done there. And like I was saying, the update works just as correctly as executed by TCadmin when the Firewall is disabled completely. Therefore, hldsupdatetool.exe was in the Monitor folder, and executed. You have something different?


The issue here is not w/ hldsupdatetool.exe, its correctly configuring TCadmin in conjunction with Windows Firewall (or any for that matter) in order for Steam Updates to execute properly via TCadmin.

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  • 3 years later...

Just wanted to post late follow-up to this after having my Windows 2008 Firewall block my hldsupdatetool updates.


I first added the hldsupdatetool program to the Windows 2008 firewall exceptions list and it wouldn't work as MjrNuT already stated. This is probably because when executing the hldsupdatetool via TCAdmin, the tool isn't what's being blocked, but rather the additional web browser ports (TCP 81, 82 and so on) themselves.


Once I added TCP ports 81-89 to the Incoming TCP exceptions list, the browser windows for the hldsupdatetool opened just fine and the updates ran. As for why I opened so many ports; I opened 81-89 in case I ran more than one instance of the update tool on the box at the same time.


Just thought I'd share in case someone stumbled across this down the road and needed a little more help. Thanks to those who posted here already. It was very helpful.


I totally agree with MrjNuT that this would be a great addition to the TCAdmin FAQ Area and would love to see this happen. All that is needed is to simply append the existing post about it with some updated info about the browser port exceptions for Windows Firewall.


Mike V.

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