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Windows Server 2008


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The BETA's have caught my eye recently, mainly due to the fact that it's the first Windows distro. capable of running 1000 server-side FPS gameservers (Steam based). Although it's still in BETA, I was wondering whether anyone has tried it with success with not only high FPS gameservers, but compatibility with TCAdmin as well?



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With the amount of bugs MS has in the "stable" OS's they put out I wouldn't recommend using it in a production environment for awhile.


But... If you have a spare machine laying around it would be interesting to see what the improvements are over 2003 etc. in relation to game hosting. :)

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I have 2 servers up testing this, they have remained perfectly stable for over 60 days with the beta....


Definately seems stable to me, and cannot wait for it to be released so the DC's pick it up!


I've sustained about 1000fps perfectly.

Ive heard it will be the same though with over 4GB memory issues, making you buy the more expensive release...


Specs are:


Core2Quad 2.4Ghz Kentfield w/ 4GB 667 Ram (Intel Xeon 3220-Quad Core [2.4GHz])

2 x 73GB Raptor 10k WD HDD

SuperMicro PDSMI+ Intel DualCore

3Ware 9550SX SATA II Controller

Windows Server 2008 Beta3 Standard 32 Bit

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I'm going with a very similar setup as you. Only Q6600 and 800Mhz RAM, still 4GB.


It's very reassuring for me to hear that. I have a few LAN events I need to organise, could be a good excuse to give it a try.

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running x86 with >4GB memory is a waste of time. Drivers that support PAE are slower with >4GB of memory + PAE + x86.


It's better to go native x64.


Windows 2008 has HAL setup to service interrupts with HPET instead of 8254. Sleep() is also serviced by HPET.


HPET is still slow to read, though. About 1200uS on modern hardware.

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