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America's Army Tickrate


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I don't know about the tickrate never seen it and been running our AA server for over a year now. The problem with AA is PB it will use a ton of resources. We can run BF2 64 slots full and all of our PB scans. AA with 26 slots and full server will need about 300mb more of RAM. If your customers are running a lot of PB scans it will cause a performance hit.


From what I have read tickrate in aa is controlled by the netspeed. This is all I could find on the subject.



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If I remember correctly you can adjust the netspeed settings which are found in the servers main ini file. It's not really the same as adjusting the tickrate in HL based games. I would consider it a minor performance tweak if anything.


We used to set the netspeed on our UT servers a bit higher back in the day for a slight performance increase but don't expect a whole lot out of it.

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Yes it is the netspeed variable thats is adjusted...


We tested it pretty good and the trade-offs are not even worth it. As many of you know it takes 200-300mb of ram per instance of AA...try kickin that to 300-400 with the netspeed tweaked...and the preformance enhancments are little to none.

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