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server crash!!!


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hey guys today at around midnight ALL my servers on this one box crashed. they were saying : Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket(server was unable to contact the authentication server).



its the 2nd time this is happening:S what do you think it is?

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This occurs when steam is performing maitenance on the Steam Authentication servers, primarily when they do an update of the steam client. they will also update the auth servers. If a server restart doesn't allow reconnection to the auth servers, a machine reboot would allow the previous "Authentication ticket" to "Time out" and the servers can now reconnect...However, It's more common that the actual players need to re-authenticate themselves and not normally the server. For the player you need to do the following:


1. Make sure you remember you're password. Username was saved for me.

2. Open STEAM

3. Select File

4. Select change user

5. A message will come up saying this will log you out of STEAM.

6. Click OK

7. Wait 3-5 minutes

8. Enter correct details

9. Log in.


This again, will do the same thing, allow your authentication ticket to expire, and you will be allowed to log back in.


Hope that helps :)

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