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Delete PunkBuster Screen Shots (Americas Army Example)


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Base example from LFA, Modified by me for PB Screen Shots ;)


Create deletepbss.aspx in C:\Your-TCAdmin-DIR\Web\Templates\Default


To use for diffrent games just change Dim relativePath As String = "system\pb\svss" to the screen shots path


       Dim pageTitle As String = "Delete Punkbuster Screen Shots"
       Dim stopGameServer As Boolean = False
       Dim relativePath As String = "system\pb\svss"
       Dim newline as String = chr(13) & chr(10)
       Dim command As String = "del %path%\*.png" & newline & "del %path%\*.htm"
       Dim startMessage As String = "Deleting Punkbuster Screen Shots...<br>"
       Dim endMessage As String = "All Screen Shots have been deleted.<br><br>You can close this window."


       Response.Write("<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"">")
       Response.Write("<HTML><TITLE>" & pageTitle & "</TITLE><BODY bgcolor=""#000000""><font face=""Lucida Console"" size=""2"" color=""#FFFFFF"">")

       If TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.IsAuthenticated Then
           Dim serviceid As String = Request.QueryString("serviceid")
           Dim service As New TCAdminSDK.Objects.Service
           service.ServiceID = serviceid
           If service.Find Then

               Dim path As String = System.IO.Path.Combine(service.AutomationFilesPath, relativePath)
               command = command.Replace("%path%", path)


               If service.UserID = TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.CurrentUser Or TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.CurrentUserType = TCAdminSDK.Objects.UserType.Admin Or TCAdminSDK.Web.Session.CurrentUserType = TCAdminSDK.Objects.UserType.SubAdmin Then

                   Dim serviceWasRunning As Boolean = False
                   If stopGameServer And service.CurrentStatus = TCAdminSDK.Objects.ServiceStatus.Running Then
                       Response.Write("Stopping the game server...")

                       serviceWasRunning = True
                   End If

                   Dim serverplugin As TCAdminBase.Plugins.IGenericPlugIn = TCAdminSDK.Remote.InstanceCreator.GetPluginFromServer(service.ServerID, "TCAdminMonitor.StandardPlugins.RemoteServers.ServerUtilities")
                   serverplugin.Execute(New Object() {"ExecuteScript", service.WorkingDirectory, command})

                   If serviceWasRunning Then
                       Response.Write("Starting the game server...")
                   End If
               End If

           End If
       End If


Create a Custom Link with Following Variables:


Page: Game Server Home Page
Visible for: Any PB game that takes Screen Shots
URL: javascript:void OpenConsoleWindow('deletepbss.aspx?serviceid=%serviceid%','deletepbss%serviceid%','This will delete all Punkbuster Screen Shots. Do you want to continue?')
Icon Text: Delete Punkbuster Screen Shots
Mouse Over: Delete Punkbuster Screen Shots
Place After: Whereever you want it

Edited by LFA
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