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The new 'More Info' button


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Just curious here, I've been really playing with the 'More Info' button, respectfully with the server crash logging.


I'm not sure if what I'm finding is just on my side, or if others can replicate it, but this is what im finding.


Firstly, my TCA build is Latest -This last beta release.


I am version, Version 1.0.2753.32400 (0 secs)


The game type in question is :coolSRCDS version 65


Now i'm not sure if any of you know, but you can crash any CS:S Server using the ma_slap command. If you slap a player to death, the server will indeed immediately crash, create the dump file, and then need to be restarted. Upon this, this is what I notice in the 'More Info' button.


Process Id: 3000

CPU Usage: 0.16

Memory Usage: 66.43 MB

Disk Usage: 408.65 MB

Start Time: 8/15/2007 3:49:18 PM

Times Crashed/Not Responding: 0

Last Restart: 12/31/1899 11:00:00 PM


You'll notice that it actually says the 'Times Crashed/Not Responding' is 0, but indeed it has actually crashed once. I'm assuming that once the server is 'Restarted' it clears this information and begins a new count. What im falling into trouble with this is if the server does crash, the number will change to 1. Now I know its crashed once, however as soon as its restarted it is back to 0. So infact if its crashed 3 times a day for the last 4 days, but the client restarts it, then tells me its been crashing I'll only notice that its crashed once.


Would there be any possibility to track 'Total Times crashed/not responding' from the time the server instance was born, and aswell 'Total times since last restart crashed/not responding' (Of which I'm assuming will only be 1, due to the fact it cant crash if its already crashed)


I believe this 'Crash tracking' to be an awesome piece of information to help diagnose issues combined with good logging its fairly easy to figure out why the servers are crashing, I'm just unsure if this is mainly with HL/HL2 based games, or if it works correctly with other games. I know some games do auto-restart upon crash, so I'm assuming that those would work?


Any clarification and or guidance would be appreciated :)


Thanks in advance!:cool

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Can you verify that the process id changes when you crash the game server? If it changes it means the process crashed and it was restarted. You can test this by killing the game server's process id in task manager. The process will be restarted automatically and the count will increase.


We have already tested leaving the crash log file forever. This is how it worked the first time it was made available in the beta updates. The problem was that after a while the log file gets too large and TCAdmin takes too long to load it and uses too much memory. This is why it now resets every time the service gets restarted. In the next update I'll see if I can store only the number of total crashes since creation instead of storing the complete log with the dates like it was doing before.

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I hadn't noticed if the process Id changes, I will have to try that and see what I come up with.


Ah, and that makes sense as to why you changed it, didn't think of that :) Definately nice feature! Hopefully you can get that back in and see how it operates.


Much appreciated,


I'm testing on other gametypes aswell now, to see what I come up with.

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