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How safe is Remote Desktop?


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Looking for a bit of advice on Remote Desktop on Win2k3.


We're considering using it to allow customers to run the Halo2 admin utility (h2admin.exe) as Halo2 has no rcon support, so the only way to admin a Halo2 Server is with this command line utility which can only be run directly on the server hosting the game.


We've never allowed customers to use remote desktop to our servers before and we're a bit cautious about doing it.


Just wondered if anyone has any experience of this and if it can be done without too much concern, bearing in mind that the servers run multiple games and other customers will be have different games running on these machines as well.


Any advice much appreciated.

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it should be much safer with win 2008 server!!!! and on top of that you can now create user access to certain apps only! so if per exemple you have a customer who needs the halo2 admin utility you just give him permissions to this and create him a username and password :) but thats on 2008

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