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Trouble controlling the slots in rFactor

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I thought I had it fixed but when I create a new server it will not start with the right slots. No matter what I do rFactor will install the server with 49 slots. I have the Max MP Players="%slots%" set. In the gameinstall folder the file has 20 slots. When it installs and loads the server it has 49 slots in game but the accounts in TCAdmin show 20. I have no idea where the 49 slot is getting added. If I go into the user account and look at the file editor it shows 49 also. Change it to 20 reboot the server and again 49. I have noticed that it's loading the all tracks all mod for the install. But shouldn't TCAdmin stop the extra slots?


Here is the config. Could someone please see if I messed something up. No other game does this only rFactor.


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TCAdmin would not pick up on the slot count because we do not support RFactor, and there is no server query for it. The slots are monitored by the server query.


As for why the slots are changing, maybe one of our RFactor gurus can help you :)

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