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Morning Folks:


I have read the forums pertaining to tickrates...But am still unclear as to how and add them to the command line in TCadmin. I have one client that has a CS server besides all his racing stuff. He wants to increase it to a 100 tick, he says it is set for a 33 tick ( I take it that is standard)


I read the parameter for this is : -tickrate 100


where would I add this into the command line inside TCadmin to honour his request. (good client..:))




NRT / Redline Servers

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it very simply m8

admin home

system setting

supported games

cs source

command line parameter icon

create a new and write

Command: -tickrate

Description: select your tickrate

Space After User Input=yes

User Access = yes

User Can Set Value = yes

Space Before and Space After = yes



Now your user have the icon command line where he can set the tickrate by himself

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Even easier way would be to goto the Service Settings for that game and put the tickrate command in the "Additional Variables" field for that server. However the full command should be -tickrate +max_fps 550.


Save, and restart the game.


You must also run a booster program or windows media player on the server for the change to take place.


You can reference this FAQ for more info:


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for CS1.6 it is


sys_ticrate 1000 or lower, which will give you 100 ticrate 500fps. sys_ticrate 10000 (with appropriate mods) would give you 1000FPS.


For source, its


-tickrate 100 +fps_max 600

-tickrate 66 +fps_max 256

-tickrate 33 +fps_max 405


whatever youd like, will work.


Just clarifying a bit :)

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-game cstrike -console +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +exec server.cfg +map de_aztec -tickrate 100 +fps_max 600




-console -game cstrike +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +exec server.cfg +map de_dust2 +sys_ticrate 1000



Is this good?

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