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Hello all:


Forgive me for my newbie question, but I have been trying to find out how to setup games through Steam since yesterday. I understand downloading the game files from steam, but what gets me is the actual setup. What files do you point it to as far as the Application, Working Directory and Game Root Directory?


For instance, I tried CS:S and pointed it to where the shortcut for the game showed, but all that did was open up Steam itself. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks! :grin:

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here a very simply procedure for you

as first download and import the css tcadmin template file from this forum.

than go in you admin tcasetting and configure the Steam Update Settings

use your Steam Account and Steam Password

Command Line: -command update -game "%gametype%" -dir %gameserverfolder%


HldsUpdateTool.exe Location :./HldsUpdateTool.exe

be sure to have HldsUpdateTool.exe in the monitor folder for any server

steam Binary Location: ./steam


Now simply go to : create game and voice server and create a new css server, it will be complete in a second because you don't have any file.


now run the steam update for the installed server and it will download the full dedicated server.

process complete.


If you get error in server creation just put a css.rar 1k file in tcadmin gaminstall directory.


this procedure is for experience user so please contact me if you have more question

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You are using the import method rather than the automated method.


Simply download the server files and place them in C:\GameInstalls\CSS on your server. Then goto the Create a game and Voice Server page and fill in the required info.

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