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It's about that time...


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After years of time and effort, and with me having less and less time to devote to it than I would like now and for the forseeable future, I've decided to look into selling my Game Server Hosting business.


Rough Figures:


2007 YTD Revenue: $8514.00

47 Current clients

Custom Web Site Design


Clients game servers are in NY, VA, Dallas, Chicago, and LA.


3 Owned 1U servers (1 Dual Core, Dual 265 Opteron, 1 Dual 2.8 Xeon, 1 Dual 3.0 Xeon) in colocation, of which I will be hanging on to at least one of them.


Other possible items that may or may not be included in the sale

Owned Modernbill 250 Client

Owned Cerberus HelpDesk.


Serious Inquiries/Offers only. Please PM me/Contact me through the forums here for any additional information.

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The revenue is the amount of monies a company recieves from its activities in a given period of time, so i'm assuming that doller amount is his gross dividends, and not his net dividends.


I'd be interested in picking up 1 or both of your vacant machines for a couple misc. projects.


I'd send you a PM but its not a serious inquiry unless you end up having those for sale only :)


GoodLuck to you bud! BTW, your website is pretty nice GJ! :) That should sweeten the deal for the perspective buyer.

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By my own mistake, my client total did include some inactive customers that I had not switched over to canceled/inactive, as well as a handful of ventrilo/ts or webhosting clients.

I apologize for that.


If you'd like, please shoot me an email to scott at planetgameservers dot com and I'll send you the breakdown of current active game servers and their monthly payments taken from TCAdmin and their respective modernbill accounts.


Anyone else that would like the same information, please feel free to email if you haven't already.


Can you list monthly revenue for your clients and if any paid for longer terms? I would think If all pay monthly it wouldn't appear to be a worthwhile endeavor.




$8k divided by 12 months = $600/mo


Dividing that by 47 clients = roughly $12/mo per customer?

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