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CRC error


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Ok, I've been dealing with this for a while now so heres whats going on hopefully I can get a fix


On transferring a rar over I had a crc error and installs were not being installed


FTP direct produces the same error (corrupt rar)


So, I changed the cat5 from server to switch - same result


Changed switch port - same result


now I've gone as far as changing the machine to a new one - same result


Anyone have any ideas?

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I would imagine something then is awry in the rar? Did you maybe transfer in ascii mode instead of binary mode at one point? Did the download fail at one point in the beginning? Can you open the RAR normally and extract it fine w/o TCAInstall? If so, try uncompressing and recompressing into a .zip. Normally if a CRC fails on a rar, its bad. There isn't to much you can do. There are a few 'repair' tools, but these usually fail.




Heres a link anywho to some. I'm assuming that its just a bad rar here. Anyone?

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I did use a zip program :)


As winrar doesn't support filetypes that big if you want a zip output (well so mine said lol)


So I downloaded the latest winzip


I'm just doing a bit of fault finding now incase its the fileserver itself but we've only ever seen this problem on this 1 IP regardless now it seems of the hardware on the end if that makes any sense


keep the ideas flowing ECF theres a solution somewhere am sure :)

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Haha!, about a 6months ago I was working on a Sparc system and I was having issues installing the SMP enabled version of the kernel, upon trying 20 times I took the $4000 machine and dropped it from my 3rd story balcony. And that was hard to explain to my partner expecting the machine in Seattle a week later...Haha! WOOPS!


Needless to say, that replacement ended up being installed by him :)

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