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TCAdmin Backup Tool Beta


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TCAdmin Backup Tool is available for testing.




You can download it here:






Extract to your TCAdmin Control Panel\Monitor folder.




The latest beta has an updated version, fixing a problems with backing up master servers that did not have any game servers installed.




What it does:


- It creates a backup of all your currently configured game servers and database. If the files are in use (log files for example) they will be skipped and not included in the backup.




- It will restore your database and game servers and install the services




What it doesn't do:


- It will not reconfigure your game servers so they use the server's new ips. You will have to do this manually after the restore.




How to create a backup:


- Make sure your monitor is running


- Run TCAdminBackupTool.exe


- Click on "Load Information"


- Select the level of compression you want. 'None' will be faster, will use less CPU but it will use more space. 'High' will create a smaller filer but it will be slower and user more CPU. If you are worried about the CPU usage affecting your game servers set the priority to low using the Task Manager.


If you are running this on the master:


- If you are using MySQL it will ask you for your connection info. If you are using Access it will ask you for your database file.


- Click on "Backup" and wait for the process to finish. The backup usus zip compression, so files are limited to 2GB each. The backup Tool will create more than one backup file if needed. (MyBackup.tcb, MyBackup.tcb.1, MyBackup.tcb.2, etc)




How to restore a backup:


- First make sure you have TCAdmin installed and running correctly. If it is your master server configure it to use the same database type as the one used in the backup.


- Start the monitor


- Start the backup tool


- Click on the Restore tab


- Select your backup file


- Select where you want to restore your user files to


If you are running this on the master:


- Click on the checkbox if you want to restore the database. If you are using MySQL it will ask you for your connection info. If you are using Access it will ask you where you want to put the new database file.


- Click on restore and cross your fingers :lol:


- After the restore is finished, if your TCAdmin website is on the same server as the master monitor run the configuration utility so it reconfigures the web server with the new database connection.


- If the server's ips have changed, log in to your TCAdmin control panel and Configure the new ips for this server (System Settings > Servers > Configure IPs). Then go to each game server on that server and configure them to use a new IP.


- If the server's IPs are the same you don't need to configure anything else. Just start the game servers on that server.






How to test the restore process:


- If you are a current customer and know how to install TCAdmin:


Submit a ticket at http://support.tcadmin.com and tell us you want a trial key so you can test the restore. We will give you a 5 day trial key so you can test 1 master and 2 remote servers on your home pc or virtual machines.


- If you are a current customer and don't know how to install TCAdmin:


Please wait patiently while others test it for you :razz:


- If you are not customer:


Become a customer :grin:




What future backup betas will include:


- Command line parameters so you can run the backup tool as a scheduled task


- Automatically copy your backup files to an FTP server

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