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What's New:

- Added a key manager in the game settings. This lets you enter a list of keys that will be used to create the game servers if the game needs it. The keys can be configured for an individual server or all servers. Use the variable %gamekey% in the config files or command line.


- In the server settings if the server is owned by a user you can select the games that can be installed by the owner. Selecting the games here will override the games that have user installations enabled. This feature can be used to sell dedicated servers that have access to creating ranked game servers.


- Removed the mani admin editors since it is not in development anymore. If for some reason you still want to use it contact support for a way to enable it.


- Added the options to enable deletion of punkbuster logs and screenshots from the control panel. You must enable this option in the game settings and set the correct path for each folder.


- You can now edit more options in custom icons that already exist.


- You can create more than one icon with the same url.


- Added the variables %userfilespath-notrailingslash% and %gameserverroot-notrailingslash% for ETQW compatibility. These are the same as %gameserverroot% and %userfilespath% without '\' at the end.


- Added a way to configure the connection timeout for TCAdmin. This can be increased if you are having errors because of network problems. Read here for instructions. - Fixed a problem with the game mover saving the paths with '/' instead of '\'



- Fixes a problem when using the advanced setting in pending setups. If the billing id was changed the game or voice server was still created with the original billing id.


- Fixed a problem with the game server mover not using the port increment configured for that game.


- Fixed the navigation links at the top of the page when going to users > select a user > game servers or voice servers > select a server > select an option.


- Fixed the query for ETQW. The player information was not correct.


- Fixed number of processors in Windows Vista and 2008 Server.


- When moving a game server it now uses the command line selected in the command line builder instead of using the default.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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