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Roc Mod launch for SOF2 help pls...


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Hi all,

Ok, so far the only way I can get SOF2 to launch, is adding this to the very end of the command line "+exec server.cfg" or the game server won't launch.

I've installed Roc Mod into TCadmin by instructions from TCadmin, and RocMod won't launch. I've added the "+set fs_game rocmod" to the end of the command line, middle of it and rearranged it a few times in different spots, added the "exec roc_mod.cfg on the server.cfg file, hoping it would set the game server to roc mod and load up, but still won't load.

I've reinstalled SOF2, and re-added default command line "+set net_noipx 1 +set dedicated 2 +set net_port %serverport% +set sv_pure 0 +set com_hunkmegs 32 +set net_ip %serverip% +set maxclients %slots% " and it does not load game, does not assign proper slots #'s, does not launch game, but adding the "exec server.cfg" on command line loads server up, but Roc Mod doesn't load.

I've reinstalled Roc Mod , went thru just about all the command line, pasted the roc_mod.cfg file in Mods section of TCadmin. Whew, sweating now from all this thinking...LOL:grin:

Does anyone have SOF2 running? correctly with Game Automation in TCadmin, and have Roc Mod installed and working??? if so, could I Please ask for some advice on this game config/setting? I do REALLY appreciate EVERYONE who posts in the forums helping one another, very awsome.

Well, hoping to hear from someone with some advice...

Have a Great Day/Night,

Jimmy M

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Here are the directions taken right from their site:




Installation for Servers:

1. Download the ROCmod server zip either from http://rocmod.rocclan.com or


2. Unzip the entire contents to your server's SOF2 folder (this will create

a "rocmod" folder within the SOF2 folder)

3. Add +set fs_game rocmod to your command line (startup script or batch file)

4. Run your server!


If it is not working you should be contacting the mod maker not us.

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Thank You all...

seriously... This forums is pretty awsome, as far as the community activity amongst everyone here. I didn't mean no disrespect, just didn't think no-one had this game installed and configured.

Have a Great Day/Night everyone.

Jimmy M

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I had a hell of a time trying to get sof2 going, one thing you might want to try is "+map mp_kam3" in the command line. Most of the time it wouldn't run if a map wasn't set. Also the roc config isn't in the default folder, when I setup my OSP server my command line ended up like this...


"+set fs_game osp +exec configs/osp_ctf_pub.cfg +exec configs/osp_extracommands.cfg +sv_mapcycle configs/tdm.mapcycle +map mp_kam3 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +set sv_pure 1"


I played the game for about 4 years, but now that it's been dead a few years I'm pretty rusty with the correct way to set it up. My current way isn't as good as I used to setup my servers, but I got it working with OSP.

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