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Question about "Keep a Local Copy of Downloaded Game Zips/Rars"


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This function:


"Keep a Local Copy of Downloaded Game Zips/Rars"


How does it work? It will keep the rar file of the game i am installing on a remote server?


What happens when I patch this game on my master. Will the patch be pushed to all remotes that have "a Local Copy of Downloaded Game Zips/Rars"?

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The file is downloaded from your FileServer, and left in the 'UserFiles' defined area of the remote machine. It will then be installed from that location on the machine unless it detects a filesize change off the file on the FileServer, of which it will then redownload the file and install appropriatedly.

So you are correct. :)

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Nah, its quite speedy.. Takes a second on the game creation script..If you watch console you'll notice it dictates what its doing..


There is a local copy of the file, but there is a newer version on the fileserver. downloading file from fileserver.


then it proceeds..


It can infact make it quite more speedy and save you bandwidth by leaving the files actually on the machine, unless needed.


So it very much is a timesaver, when you factor in not needing to upload 800M, or 2GB Files for each install you do :)

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