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wmiprvse causing cpu spike


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Anyone else noticing "wmiprvse" causing the cpu to spike 5-10% of the machine. We are seeing this on all of our machines and are unable to figure out what is causing it. It seems to have began after the last tcadmin update but I can't be for certain that that is what is causing it. Again it occurs on all our machines (120+).


Screenshot below (can barely see the spikes). I am just trying to find out if others are also experiencing this.


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I can't see it go as high as it was earlier.


I only noticed it because I was installing some new games across multiple servers and saw then they were all 50+ CPU and that process was eating up the resources.


Its settled accross all of them but it is bizarre that we both have seen this because I haven't at all over the last two years.


Ive had multiple issues with w3wp.exe but not this.


Im on MSN at chris [at] invision-gaming.co.uk

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Luis has found this issue. A client had asked that the child processes be set to the same priority as the parent process. This was for games like BF2 and NF2142 where the BFCC is started first, and then the game is started from the manager.


He is working on it. Not usre if the feature will have to come out or simply be reworked a bit. But a fix will be availible shortly.

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