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Problematic Customers Blacklist?


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Hey fellas, I was talking with a couple providers the past couple days and it was odd that we were bitching about a certain customer, low and behold the 4 of us that were talking *ALL* had this same problematic customer, with the same issues at one point or another...We were thinking of creating a by invite only GSP blacklist..The exact way it would work could be discussed upon...Just curious if anyone else would even be interested in this, or contributing to this...Customer privacy issues would also be at bay, which might have change your TOS a bit...


Anywho, just brainstorming at the moment on how to possibly lower or atleast warn the industry of fraud and problematic clients......We all hate the 'Well I didn't know my son stole my creditcard and baught a gameserver....9 months ago'


Thanks in advance for any input!

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Haha ECF, very very true :) No clue why, besides impatience


I'm pretty sure this if nothing, will hopefully hamper some of them from thinking about it for fear of not being able to run around the table to the next gsp and repeat the same thing.


I will most likely make changes to our TOS and make the point explicitly clear on the order page; that fraudulent or malignant behavior may result in your addition to such-and-such blacklist as per our TOS.


Sounds great Jon, I'll draw up some initial ideas, and plan of implementation and make post a followup.

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I would be interested. I'm not sure, and would of course run it past legal first, but I think you could get around the privacy issue if all the list used was say the first initial, last name and like the last 4 of there phone number.

Nothing particularly revealing there, but I think the chances of 2 different customers having the same first initial, last name and last phone 4, would be very slim. And as long as the list, and how it tracks clients, wasn't made public I doubt you'd have to much trouble with clients changing there information to appear different.


Then keep information regarding problems non-descript.

Charges back orders

Repeatedly crashes server then demands refunds

Tries to alter slot count

Tries to boost normal server

Makes private servers public...


These also don't reveal anything private about a client.


Any thought?

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I really cant see this working, the sort of customer you are referring to hops from GSP to GSP and theres always plenty of so called companies that will take them on, mainly because there just as retarded as the customer. You know the type I mean ;)

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Thats absolutely true, but thats why it would be your choice to participate in this or to completely ignore it. More-so a 'risk management' site. If you still chose to take that person on as a customer then so be it, however if you choose to ward off because of the past issues others have had, then thats your right as well. there are many customers that can end up costing you money, and these people really need to be avoided as like you said, they go from one to the other and repeat the same thing over and over.


Sorry I haven't been attentive to this in the past couple days, busy bee.

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