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TF2 Tickrate Problem


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I'm a bit stumped on this issue. I got CSS and TF2 game servers running on the same box. I got sourcebooster.exe running. Below are the command lines for both CSS and TF2.


-game cstrike -console +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +exec server.cfg +map de_dust2 -tickrate 100 +fps_max 512


-game tf -console +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +exec server.cfg +map cp_dustbowl -tickrate 100 +fps_max 512


Both server.cfg files have the bandwidth settings of:


// bandwidth rates/settings

sv_minrate 10000

sv_maxrate 25001

decalfrequency 10

sv_maxupdaterate 100

sv_minupdaterate 10


BUT, all the tf2 server are still run in 66 tick while the css servers are at 100tick as they should be. Is 100 tick not yet supported by tf2? or is there some secret config somewhere I need to input. Totally stumped here.


Any ideas?


Thanks. :oh noes

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Well, the only way I can check is using the net_graph 3 command in console. I know this way isn't always true, especially with a new game like TF2. Is there anyway to actually check the tick rate of a tf2 server?


Thanks for your quick reply, btw.

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I had this same problem, to fix it make the TF2 command line;


-game tf -console +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +exec server.cfg +map cp_dustbowl -tickrate 99 +fps_max 600



Now your server will run 100 tickrate/500 fps.


Also for your CSS servers you will also want to make the +fps_max 600 and not 512, for it to run 512 fps.


As far as the 66 tickrate problem, TF2 has some weird problems with FPS and tickrate at the moment, the command line I gave you will work for MOST people, but some people will still receive 66 tickrate. Make sure that the user client can even accept 100 tickrate.

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