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MopBucket Machine


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...Well, I got sick of paying Rack fee's, so we decided to utilize the space in the closet instead of out on the floor...These servers can be stored by toilets, in the dirty corners, and even come with submersible water cooling!


Just kidding!


We just recently finished up a contest this past month over @ NoobGalore


this Ken guy won the contest, and by doing so robbed us of $500 (towards his build)


haha, built the system in a mop bucket...how clever.


check out the pics of it in the nighttime!


Hot machine, definately.



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Haha yeah! I mean, I had no clue when we said 'build a cpu in the wierdest thing you can think of and we'll pay half your costs if you win'


We got quite the entries! haha, 1 kid built the case completely out of lego's, and another built it one of those giant popcorn tins.


Haha, I love doing crap like that though, keeps the fun in it :)


Anyone here do any wild builds?

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