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Regarding your customer service...

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In reply to what you posted before you closed our thread...


I don't know what Steve told you, but we've waited two weeks, sent several emails, and made even more phone calls. We've spoken to him, he asked us to send him an email... We did, we called to confirm, he claims he didnt get it... So we sent more.


We've never been rude to anyone, or "childish" to anyone. We called this morning, and asked for someone ASIDE from Steve (hoping to get someone who can handle the task of setting up an account). Forgive us for being demanding, but it shouldn't take 2 weeks to register a trial account (unless of course, you're chiseling our company information into stone).


We're disappointed that you never took the time to personally talk to any of our staff that had to communicate with Steve...


You might want to rethink your decision before you burn bridges.


805Tech IT Services

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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