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Counter Strike 1.6 Registry


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I have a couple of client who are running Counter strike 1.6 and complain of the redistry being bad on thier servers. I have not had any other complaints from other customers who run the same game type. The two who are having the issues are just running plain vanilla installs. This is the command line they run


-console -game cstrike +ip -port 27021 +maxplayers 10 -tickrate 75 +fps_max 550 -pingboost 1 +exec server.cfg +map cs_office.bsp


I would really like to get this fixed for them, any one have any suggestions?



Thank you

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sv_maxupdaterate 101

sv_maxcmdrate 101




The issue lis w/valve. Sometimes there -autoupdate string, removes certain commands from the server.cfg...We place these one time use commands in the autoexec appropriatly where it belongs, and there is no issue.




Autoexec = loads once per game

server.cfg = loads once per mapchange


I see many GSPS that put everything in the server.cfg ....Obviously it doesn't make to much difference, but for certain 'headaches' like that...It works well :]

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