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Automated Server Provisioning


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Hey there,


I understand there is no integrated billing, however I spoke with someone and they mentioned there is some type of paypal integrateion with TCADMIN , is this true ?


also, if using an API such as modernbill or clientexec can TCADMIN auto provision and startup a customers server upon payment ?

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There is no Paypal integration. We do have a module for Modernbill though.


However, I will be completely up front with you. If you have not used Modernbill before, DO NOT order it. You have to create packages with variables which get's passed to the API and then along to TCAdmin.


This sort of setup takes quite a bit of time, and a good knowlege of Modernbill. We will NOT setup these packages for you. 9 out of 10 people that order Modernbill cancel it within a month because they do not have the knowlege of the software and how to setup packages properly.


My advice is save your money and invest it in other areas. It takes 30 seconds to enter the values need to create a server within our software and to start the creation process.

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There is a new module in Clientexec 3.x for TCAdmin (I don't believe TCA Supports it though) that allows for automated provisioning, its not nearly as difficult to setup as modernbill. However, I don't personally use it so I cant really comment on its performance.


Just a FYI

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thank you,


testing game panels such as gamecp (mainly used for linux) and scinterface i have to say tcadmin looks to be most stable and best for support, looks like ill be purchasing.


can't quote on scinterface but last time I used gamecp I was quite dissapointed with pretty much everything, granted this was about 2 years ago now. Tcadmin has been completely rock solid and the support is excellent. The guys have gone above and beyond on almost issue I have faced, I can pretty much guarantee you will love it.

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