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Creating an Insurgency Server... ERROR!!!


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Hi guys.


I've installed many Team Fortress 2 server and Day of Defeat Source Servers. I'm trying to install an INSURGENCY game server as well but everytime I try, I get this error:


GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Could not write game config file to C:\Servers\180\GameServers\TC56715378740001516435865\Insurgency\cfg. Error: Access to the path "C:\Servers\180\GameServers\TC56715378740001516435865\Insurgency\cfg" is denied.

Server: TC5454821780603 180 - NYC

Owner: 180


I have set the C:\Servers folder to have full control for EVERYONE. i have no clue why this is happening though. Could someone please help me out?



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Does your game settings (config) in tcadmin have the trailing slash?


Are there any spaces in your path, I see spaces in different spots in the error guessing they are from a goofed copy and paste but not sure?


Is the full name there for the config files in your game settings in tcadmin?

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I'm really sorry I have no idea what you're talking about. I rent a dedi-box form a company and they've installed TCAdmin for me. I can install Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source servers but I get the above mentioned error when I try to install a INS server.


Can you please give me more details as to what I should do? Like for example, where I can find the settings you mentioned and the full name as well...

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You should not post /provide access to your system to anyone execept to TcAdmin admins, and the provider you are getting the server from.

My guess is there are errors in your TcAdmin's settings for Insurgency. Go here

System Settings > Supported Games > Generate (on your Insurgency)

and generate your config, hen post it here and myself or someone else can review it and see if we can spot any errors.


You can also use this one if you want, it should work, although I can't be sure as I don't know how your files are structured.


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I agree with studeggle. The config is probably the problem.


If your host is supplying you with TCAdmin, along with the the configs and game files to install on your server, they should also support anything they have pre-installed. With the error you are getting now, along with your other posts here, to me it sounds like they have minimal knowledge of TCAdmin.

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