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TF2 map loading errors.

Dr. Kitteny Berk

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TF2 is beginning to give me the rage, so i'm hoping someone here has some idea how to fix this :)


My server has been loading some maps veeeery slowly due to hundreds of errors like this one


cmaterial::precachevars: error loading vmt file for maps/cp_gravelpit/nature/blendbackgroundtograve1004_wvt_patch


I've reinstalled the server a few times, I've tried downloading on other machines and I've tried replacing most of the server map/texture etc files with ones from my GCFs.


However, the issue still remains, but it varies on each map, some will load instantly, others will take a few minutes.


Also, anyone know why I'd be having trouble signing up to the hlds mailing list?



Cheers muchly.

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Hmmmmm.... we had one running for a while with the console open on the desktop and never saw any issues with it. These game become stranger every release.


Also remember that when the server changes maps I think the console will maximize again. Or at least when the game is restarted. So you may want to disable the interact feature for it alltogether.

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