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Upgrade to Master License


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I currently rent 4 dedicated servers, all using a basic, scaled down version of TCAdmin provided by the data center hosting company. If I were to upgrade to the full Master License and remote licenses, is the upgrade process easy so that I don't lose all my current game servers and settings running on each server?




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You would need to do a reinstall from scratch since the master server contains the database and game files, which your current host controls.


The only waty to do it would be to make backup copies of the C:\Userfiles folder and after you re-install everything create manual services for the games you have running on each server.


To be honest, it is easier to copy the config files for each game server into a backup. Then once your new TCAdmin is installed create new servers and copy the config files back to each server.


In a nutshell, there is no easy way to do what you are trying.

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