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Free Domain name **WORKS**


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Try now :} Sorry, pasted it into an email and then pasted here and thats why...



Keep in mind, with paypal;


here's how to get it using PayPal (if like me you don't like giving your C/C number for something that's "free") - select paypal wallet item, then enter your paypal email & password, then click accept... now it's added in register.com! Now, you can open paypal.com, log in using your username/password (if you have to), then click on either "Profile" or "Edit Profile", now under "Profile Summary" there's "Account Information", "Financial Information" and "Selling Preferences" - under "Financial Information" you'll find a link "Pay List", click it. This is a list of open authorizations to debt your PayPal account, click on the Register.com Inc one.


The "Billing Limit" is $1000 - whoooo I sure wouldn't want to have that active if they made a billing error! So just click "Cancel", and you're done! Remember to do this *after* paying for any services you want from register.com and not before, but this will ensure your paypal account can't be further billed by register.com!

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Be careful what you register there, I have had problems twice with register.com not wanting to let me transfer domains off of them. Either I pay the fee they want to charge for renewal of it, or the domain expires, in which case they usually hold it for several more months trying to sell it at a higher price.

That free could cost you, if you get too attached to the domain. ;)

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and here is he best scam yet.. I went over there and put in a domain name ran through the process till it asked me for my Paypal info, then I just closed the browser.



Got this email a little bit ago. Here is the partial and all you need to see.


"Thank you for visiting Register.com. We noticed that you searched for *****.com, but didn't register it. It may still be available.


As a special offer just for you, ******.com

is just $19.99 a year. Sign up with Invitation Code: MYNAME6."



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They send you that email whenever you partially signup for a domain at their website.


The link is real, they posted it in a private discussion blog. I signed up for one, then cancelled the paylink like I described above, no if ands or buts.


If your hesitant then I suggest to just stay away from it. I personally used it to buy a 4 dig domain for SEO, I don't mind someone handing me a few bucks :)

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