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what files to use for source?


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I'm trying to setup a Counter Strike Source server, I downlaoded the files via Steam. Do I just use the .gcf files it downlaods? I have tried the hldsupdatetool.exe file and all I got we're CS 1.6 files. Is there anyway to get the source files from the hldsupdatetool.exe tool? Someone form TC support game me a parameter for source but it didn't work. Sorry guys for the n00b question. I just need to know what files to use for Source :smile:

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Yup, you can use the HLDSupdatetool to grab the Source files as well. Basic commands are the same but put this after -game






"Counter-Strike Source"




make sure you leave the quotes. So the command would look like this




-game "Counter-Strike Source"




along with the other commands :grin:

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