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Bandwidth question


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yeah Correct! both are in the top10 servers ranked via game-monitor gametracker and gamespy.


I was just offering a sideview that you never do know, because at one point you might just get that customer that does indeed have a popular server and pushes a fair amount of bandwidth.


And we all know overages are quite the penny

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2TB/month is a nice average for a maxed game server from what I've seen, but again as everyone has said, it's really about what games you're hosting.


Your best bet is to find a provider that's flexible on bandwidth - some will charge you $5/GB, others will just ask you to try their upgraded plan next month. :)

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Based on past experiences managing game servers for my clan we never went over our caps but that was when we were spread across two servers with 2TB each. We now have one server with 3TB but I am still not worried. BF2 and BF2142 are the biggest BW suckers I have ever seen. For a full 40 slot BF2 server we strongly averaged between 1.9-2.2 GB an hour. Extraploate that out to a month and it adds up fast.


Some providers also offer pooled bandwidth if you have a private rack with them. Always a good option when you have some servers which push 3TB+/month and some that only use 1TB/month.

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