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CE is easy, and works well.


Check out all the latest improvements to WHMCS though :)


We are moving over, had enough of CE. WHMCS xferred our entire CE setup right into WHMCS, and is working like a charm. So doing some more testing and most likely going to make the switch.



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Thanks Adam, I have been mesing with MB for over a week now trying to get it to do

some specials...I have read the manual 3 rimes now pertaining to my issues. I swear it has developed it's own AI presence. I will check them out for sure. I have also been seeing hack attemps (so far no entry). but there must be a hole some where. that is exploitable. So time to move on.


Thanks for the feedback



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I have used MB for about 5 years. There have been some exploits, but presently I think as long as you are running the latest V4, those have been closed.


I have been hoping that MB v5 would be stable enough to use in production, but so far ir has not. (plus there is no TCAdmin integration for it.


I have looked at CE, and have been tempted to try it, but as of now, it does not support Helm that I use for my windows hosting. TCAdmin for it does not look any harder to set up than it is for MB. I know many are using it successfully.


As for WHMCS, I have looked at it too and it supports everything I need. But I have not had the time to figure out the TCAdmin integration with it. It appears to be a bit more difficult to set up than MB or CE for TCadmin, or at least for the way I want to do it. I really like the client interface for it, but I am not that kean on the order form system.


So I am probably going to get both CE and WHMCS and try them to see how they are. Then I will have to decide if my customers and I both like one of them better than MB.

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I have tried all of the above and i prefer CE. The ease of developing any custom module needed just takes some basic coding knowledge. The new 3.1 that is set to release in a few weeks will be amazing.


Logs of EVERY change ever done to an account be it by admin or client is one of my favorite new thigns coming along with the new Knowledge base.

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