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How to link the actual files to a game?


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I'm currently testing TCAdmin software (trial). All seems to be working well but I haven't gotten around to actually installing any gameservers. My experience has been mix so far. There was an error in the setup procedure. It seems that a UTF8 character set is not supported; you get an error when creating the database. Also I'm disappointed in the documentation of TCAdmin. There are dead links in the knowledgebase and the documentation seems to be all over the place and is outdated (screenshots do not match what is actually on the screen).


This brings me to my question. I have read the following document (http://tcadmin.com/onlinehelp/admin/directories.pdf) to make sense of it. I understand how structure is supposed to be but I do not understand how the link between a game and the files of that game is made. So how do you define where TCAdmin can find the files for a particular game (compressed package and/or normal files)? I assume this link has to be made somewhere.


The server I assigned to the role of "Master Server" and "Web Server" must contain all the files. Then I wish to use the "pull method" at the remote server to install game server.

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