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I've never noticed this before, maybe I've just been blind....But when installing the COD4 patch released these past few days, I noticed there were some prior updates I didn't install....Mainly the one about vent, as I don't use TCA for vent I didn't bother...


This leads me to my question,

Do the new updates include the past updates? Or does each update need to be installed seperately?



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How does one get it to not show in the update list if I have already installed it... the update although it was installed doesn't want to remove itself;


Version Description Type Comments Date Install

1.0.2874.31267 Fixes Fixes Sorry for uploading 2 updates the same day but I know some of you need a fix for this.


- Added the fix to remove the COD4 popup preventing the game server from starting.

If you still see a popup try restarting the game server from the control panel. If it doesn't work create a support ticket. Don't close the popup so I can see what needs to be done to remove it automatically. 11/14/2007 5:0

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