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COD4 server connection interrupted


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Well I'm running 2 x 32 slots COD4 servers and even while the one is empty I keep getting ci's some times a day and I can't figure it out what it is.


My server specs:


HP Proliant DL165

Intel Xeon 5345 2.33Ghz

4Gb DDR Memory Fully Buffered


The server is placed in a datacenter.

We also have a voiceserver on this server and that keeps working while the ci appears on the gameserver.

The CPU load is very low and I noticed when one server changes maps the other server wont even lag for a sec.


Where do I have to look to solve the problem? I'm lost...

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It's the whole server and when I'm in RD it wont affect the server, I've tested that.

I did a ping session whole last evening and came out to 3 time-outs in the ping session within 4 hours, is this allowed or shouldn't this happen at all? and this wasn't with wireless.

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