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2 questions


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1. Is there a way to do an automated backup? so i can see it to backup a customers server every sunday night?




2. When have 2 skins installed on our ControlPanel (default tcadmin unedited version) and our company one which I am adding the finishing touches too.. When we install a controlpanel update does it overright/update both skin files or just the default?




Cheers lads, keep up the good work :smile:

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1- Command line parameters will be added to the backup tool in the next beta or stable release.




2- What changes are you doing to the template? You can set custom headers and footers, custom CSS and a custom logo without touching the default files. Just go to System Settings > Template Configuration.




All of the custom templates we have done for clients have been done using those options and it works great all the time.




To use a custom css just copy the file Templates/Default/styles.css and make your own changes and upload using the Template Configuration.



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I had to use a few mods/changes to layouts etc but I found when I upgraded to newer versions it didnt update old skin files.




Theres 2 skins because




1. I am working on it and dont want anyone to rely on it


2. Its not finished yet.








I have another question, does HTML work in the emails coming from TCAdmin?

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