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Manually create config templates?

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I'm sure you can manaully create any of the config files since the are XML.




I really don't understand what is causing an issue as far as creting them through the panel. Could you give a specific problem that you are having with it? Maybe we can point out an easier way to get it done.

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as it is, if go through


<div class="pre"><pre>

Admin Home > System Settings > Supported Games > COD:UO Details > Config Files > Editor > New Configuration Editor Item</pre></div>




say, input




<div class="pre"><pre>Item Type: textbox

Item Text: Rcon Password

Variable: %rcon%</pre></div>




hit save, then in the same page




<div class="pre"><pre>Item Type: textbox

Item Text: Server Password

Variable: %ServerPass%</pre></div>




and hit save




the Server Pass entry will (it seems) overwrite the Rcon Pass.

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First off you might want to use the current variables for those to keep them togather.






Server Password=%privatepassword%




But of course you can use any variable you like.




Once you create a variable hit the back button and then add item button.




I will see if the coder can add a "add new" button on the variable screen to make this easier.





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