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How gather the files from Counter-Strike updates?


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1- Create a batch file (filename.bat) with the command you use to update your server. for example:




hldsupdatetool -command update -game cstrike -dir C:\InstallFiles\CS -username YOURUSER -password YOURPASSWORD




2- Run:


Start > Programs > TCAdmin Control Panel > Update File Generator




3- Select your batch file




4- select the folder you want to update (following the example above it should be C:\InstallFiles\CS)




5- Click on "Run the Update"




6- When the update is done click on "Generate Zip File"




7- Save the zip file to a folder named TCA.Patches inside your game's installation files. ( example: C:\InstallFiles\CS\TCA.Patches\YourUpdate.zip )




8- Log in to your control panel, go to:


System Settings > Supported Games > {select counter strike} > Game Updates > New




9 -Add a display name (example: CS Update Version 40)


Description (example: This will update your server to version 40)


Zip file name: YourUpdate.zip


Click on save.




10- Now you can either apply the patch to each game server individually (Gaming Services > {select your game server} > Game Updates




or all at the same time:


Batch Game Server Updates at the admin home page.

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