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We are getting ready to issue a update to all our customers.


This update will include a config file that works with the existing config file.




Is there any way after the update is sent to all the servers to force TCAdmin to reedit config files like it does durring the install process? Adding the rcon port, password, game directory ?




I have the Tempale built and ready to go.


Admin Home > System Settings > Supported Games > BF2R Details > Config Files > Details




Also is there a way to shut off access to the config file to all customers(cept admins) while working on it and testing it?






Also any update on the update to add rcon password and port to the email automation?




Oh and having different email templates for different games?

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The update files don't get changed in any way. The zip file is just extracted to the game folder. You won't be able to do what you want to do. sorry :sad:




Right now you can only set 'admin only' access to game mods, I will try to add this to the updates in the next update.


To work around this you can export the game configuration file, open with notepad and do a replace all, replacing the game id with something else. Then import back in. Create a game server with that game type and you have your testing server :razz:




I am working on adding all the variables on all the different templates. This will be available in the next update alog with the system monitor.




I will try to get the custom email templates for each game in the next update too but I can't promise you anything :smile:

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