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So not to sound like a newbe but, the web page that i created when going through the config utility i assume is the control panel. I'm also assuming I need a domain/web host to use correct.





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after I got mine setup I setup a wepage to do frameforwarding to the ip address, it works really well if I ever have to change ip's!




so my availcp.com points to my ip and with frame forwarding it appears as availcp.com the whole time




How do I get me domain name to point to the TCadmin IP address?



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you can also create an A record in your dns (tcadmin.yourdomain.com) and have that record point to the ip where you configured your game server.




If you don't have control over your dns just tell your web host to create it for you and give him the ip that you want it to point to.






To AvailNetworks:




Your method works too but I noticed that my IE blocked the cookies from your ip since the frame's url is blahblah.com and the internal frame's url is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx




When I tried to log in I couldn't. I just got that little privacy icon on IE. The only way it let me in was by copying the ip from the frame and pasting it in the browser.

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