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Dedicated Server Questions


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Just after abit of infomation really!


For my gaming boxes i currently run Dell R200 machines with 2.4Quadcore Xeon with 2GB ram. Now ive just gone through one of the servers to see its usuage etc and it currently hosts 10x 12 slot 100 Tick CSS Match servers. Looking at the usuage its hardly touching anything! Under load im usuing 1.39GB Ram and 17% CPU. Now if i was to boost the ram to 4GB do you think i would be able to host many more? (100tr 12 slot css match servers)


One thing ive promised myself and my customers is that ill never overload a server so i can provide the best possible gameserver. But am i cutting myself short?

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Thanks for the reply Jason,


Last thing i want to do is overload in any aspect. So ill do it on a 1 by 1 basis and monitor the server. Ram upgrade has always been planned, as i took the other 2gb out of each of the gaming boxes to ramp up the web hosting server. :)

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