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Mods Config "Default Command Line"


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I have the following in the default command line for AdminMod for CS1.6.




+exec addons/adminmod/config/adminmod.cfg




The server is not executing this command after mod installation. My questions are:




A) Is the default command line under mods configuration supposed to be a complete command line? EG: -console -game cstrike +ip %serverip% -port %serverport% +maxplayers %slots% +map de_dust +exec addons/adminmod/config/adminmod.cfg




B) Since after installation, it did not execute, what other parameters need to be set in order for the addition to the command line to "take"?

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To answer the question posed regarding the command line field for mods. Yes it is the full command line variable set minus the path and executable.




I know you found the answer, but figured I would verify this for others.





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