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User Profiles (feature request)

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Im not sure ive posted this up in the right section but couldnt find "the" right section.


Just something i come across, and just a very vague idea. Would it be possible to include user groups in future releases, for example you can setup different types of user templates.


By templates i mean, for example you offer certain customers the ability to edit there command line but other groups of customers you dont want to allow this. A good example is the HL2 Engine. In the command line you set the tickrate of the server. Now if you sold a customer a 66 tick rate server whats stopping them from logging into the cp and changing the command line to 100tick.


With a user group/template layout you could setup "template A" = "CSS 66TR" then when setting up a server at the user section you could choose the user template (user privalidges). With the templates you could restrict certain features you want and dont want certain customers to use or have access to.


I know currently there is certain user things you can allow and dissallow but its scattered around in different pages.


A easy example of this is cpanel/plesk you setup customer templates to simply allow the customer certain features.


Now into alittle more details about possible features to be used in this customer template system.


-Command Line Changer

-Number of additional user accounts

-Allow Server Reboots

-Allow Server Re-installation

-Allow Reports (can view there server reports) as this is currently available to admins to view reports per game server, would be a nice little feature if the customer could log in and view there cpu usage etc etc.


Things like that i think would allow us to taylor make the customers control panel more specific to our and there needs.

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