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TcAdmin / CoD4: Patching problems.


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The host we leased our box from installed Tcadmin for us and we're currently having a hellish time trying to get things set up properly. The biggest issue we're having at this particular moment is getting the Call of Duty 4 patching to work. Here are my questions:


In the GameInstalls folder under the cod4 subfolder, there's a directory called tca.patches/ or something similar to it, where there should be patches for the game. Unfortunately, those patches are up to 1.5 and don't include 1.6 or 1.7 which we need.


Question 1:

If we download the patches through IW and place them in the tca.patch/ folder, will TcAdmin see these files and update appropriately?


Question 2:

What changes will need to be made in order for the patching functionality in tcadmin to work properly with Call of Duty 4?


I'd like to get this done tonight, but I realize the late hour of this post, so here's hoping someone can help me out.

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Place these in the C:\GameInstalls\COD4 folder on your master server. Then publish the patches in the game config>patches section. When it asks for the zip file name type either 1.6.zip or 1.7.zip, do not type the whole path.


Make sure that you run the 1.6 patch before running the 1.7 patch.

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